Microsoft, Google Lay Off Hundreds Of Staff on Cloud Teams Amid Ai Push

Is big tech seeing a cloud cooldownIs big tech seeing a cloud cooldown?
PC Magazine 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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On June 0, 2024, Microsoft and Google announced layoffs within their cloud computing divisions to prioritize AI initiatives. These cuts affect Azure's operational teams and Google Cloud's strategic focuses, amidst reports of potential AI-related job reductions in response to industry trends.

  • Major Layoffs Announced: Both Microsoft and Google are reducing their workforce in cloud computing sectors.
  • AI Prioritization Causing Staff Reductions: The companies are laying off employees to focus on advancing AI capabilities.
  • Differing Reactions and Statements from Companies: Microsoft acknowledges restructuring for strategic growth, while Google has made similar staff reductions over the past year with different affected teams.
  • Potential AI-related job cuts amidst industry trends: The layoffs hint at a broader trend where tech companies are adjusting their workforce in anticipation of evolving technologies.

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