Cannes Lions Reveals Titanium Shortlist, Including Cerave and Doordash Super Bowl Campaigns

The Cannes Lions Titanium shortlist includes CeraVe, DoorDash and the Las Vegas Sphere.
Adfreak 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

Cannes Lions honors innovative Super Bowl campaigns like CeraVe's Michael Cerave and DoorDash's All-The-Ad, alongside other notable entries. The prestigious Titanium award showcases boundary-pushing work in brand marketing, including Sphere Entertainment's Las Vegas dome concept and various agency collaborations.

  • Cannes Lions Super Bowl campaigns: CeraVe by Ogilvy and DoorDash's Giveaway Ads.
  • Titanium award significance: Recognizes boundary-pushing, innovative work in brand marketing.
  • Sphere Entertainment project: Exospherea Las Vegas dome with integrated advertising.
  • Agency collaborations: Noteworthy entries from multiple agencies, including Marcel's WoMens Football and Google Spreadbeats.

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