Hands On: New Meta Quest 3 Shield Case from Waterfield

The Meta Quest 3 Shield Case from San Francisco s Waterfield bags is a triumph of form and function to hold your Quest 3
Life Wire 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

The Waterfield Meta Quest 3 Shield Case is an elegant, protective storage solution that also supports charging and can withstand daily wear. It's made from premium leather materials, including waxed and chocolate varieties. Ideal for Apple Vision Pr users seeking a stylish case or backpack.

  • Premium Material: Waxed and Chocolate Leather, offering vintage appeal.
  • Functionality: Secures Apple Vision Pr while charging via USB-C cable.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both the Meta Quest 3 and brand new Apple Vision Pro Backpacks.
  • Price & Value: Cost effective at $18, ensuring safety during travel or home storage.


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