Nvidia Slips & Loses Title Of 2nd Most Valuable Tech Firm to Apple

NVIDIA sheds more than 1% on the stock market to lose its title as the world's second most valuable tech firm to Apple.
Wccftech 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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NVIDIA slips to second in tech value due to Apple surpassing it, after strong gains earlier. Shares decline amid reports of possible anti-trust investigations into AI practices by NVIDIA and Microsoft.

  • Slide In Stocks: NVIDIA's shares fall as Apple tops the tech valuation, contrasting prior growth.
  • Anti-Trust Concerns: Investigations into AI practices by leading companies hint at possible regulatory challenges ahead.
  • AI Dominance: NVIDIA and Microsoft's influence in the AI domain is significant, as suggested by recent developments.
  • Market Reaction: Tech industry responds to fluctuations with Apple leading a notable change in company valuation hierarchy.


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