I Tried Chrome and the Google App to Find Out How They Actually Differ

Both Chrome and the Google app will let you search, but they have some big differences, too.
Pocket Lint 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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Chrome and Google apps serve as web browsers and tools for information search, translation, voice commands, etc., offering personal preference. Chrome is free on both Android and iOS; Google app simplifies discovery using Google Lens on mobile devices, aiding quick searches.

  • Web Browsing: Choose between Google Chrome or the Google app based on user preference for web browsing and functionality.
  • Google Services Integration: Utilize the Google app's Lens feature to expedite searching through mobile platforms.
  • Translation and Information Searching: Both options facilitate translation of documents, voice command responses, and information search capabilities.
  • Privacy and Usage Policies: Users are informed about the affiliate earning potential when purchasing via links in these apps.


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