Google Maps Location History Change Rolling Out, Your Timeline on Web Going Away

A big change to Google Maps location history is continuing to roll out, and will see Your Timeline go away on the web...
9to5Google 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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Your Timeline on the web is being phased out as Google shifts location history data to user devices for increased privacy. The feature, now named 'Timeline', has been updated and continues on both mobile and desktop platforms; however, the web-based version will no longer be available. This change comes with concerns regarding user experience issues and potential impacts on trust in the service due to the alteration of a well-utilized interface.

  • Privacy Update: Google transfers location data storage from cloud servers to individual devices.
  • Feature Renaming and Continuation: 'Timeline' replaces the former web-based version of Your Timeline on Maps.
  • User Concerns: Some users experience lagging UI/UX with mobile data handling, expressing concerns over editing complexities and potential for mistakes.
  • Communication & Preparations: Users are informed via email regarding the change; Google allows backup of Timeline before deadlines.

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