Google Gemini App for Android Comes to Uk and Europe

Google's Gemini app for Android is now rolling out across the UK and EuropeGoogle's Gemini app for Android is now rolling out across the UK and Europe. 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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Through Gemini AI chatbot's subscription, Google introduced its new AI model named 'Gemini'. The article discusses various topics such as Google Maps navigation powered by Gemini and Apple potentially allowing it to drive iPhone features. Tags: GeminiAI, Google, Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction of Gemini AI: Google's new chatbot model 'Gemini', accessed through a paid subscription.
  • Enhanced Features: Integration with Google Maps for navigation and potential use in Apple's iPhone features, powered by Gemini AI.
  • Google Chrome Updates: Introduction of 'Gemini' AI to automate tasks like starting Google Maps directly from the browser tab.
  • Future Implications: The article speculates on future integrations with iOS and other platforms using Gemini AI technology.

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