Google Cut Back Ai Overviews in Search Even Before Its ‘pizza Glue' Fiasco

Data on how often Google's new AI Overviews feature appears on search results suggests that the company reduced its
WIRED 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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AI Election Monitor tracks over 60 global elections, including the powerlessness of Ecuador's electoral system amid drought. WIRED reporters delve into AI advancements affecting human-centric technology sectors and report on OpenAI's shifting focus post existential risks team disbandment, and Scarlett Johansson's claim of having her voice mimicked in ChatGPT.

  • AI Election Monitoring: Over 60 global elections covered with an emphasis on Ecuador's electoral vulnerability.
  • WIRED Reports: Exploration of AI impact on journalism, technological innovation in creative industries, OpenAI restructuring, and legal claims against voice replication.
  • Generative AI Advances: Scarlett Johansson's allegations on the mimicry of her voice by ChatGPT and Google's response with new products like Astr.
  • OpenAI Developments: The disbandment of OpenAIs long-term risk team and subsequent organizational changes, alongside WIRED reporters covering these shifts.
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