Even Spotify Could Soon Get Its Own Gemini Extension (apk Teardown)

After YouTube Music, an extension for Spotify has been spotted in Gemini, letting the AI chatbot tap into the music
Android Authority 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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Spotify could soon launch its Gemini Extension through Android, integrating music streaming capabilities within Google's AI-powered chatbot. This follows the recent YouTube Music extension's announcement and teardown reveal of work-in-progress code in an APK file analysis. The Spotify extension is not live but anticipated for future deployment after development and beta testing completion.

  • <h4>Anticipation of a new Gemini Extension for Spotify
  • <h4>Development based on APK file analysis
  • <h4>Comparison to the YouTube Music Extension
  • <h4>Potential future functionalities for Spotify's Gemini integration


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