Duckduckgo Ai Chat Promises Anonymous Access to Popular Ai Chatbots

DuckDuckGo is launching today DuckDuckGo AI chat, a hub for accessing popular AI chatbots in a more private way.
Thurrott 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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DuckDuckGo AI Chat offers private access to popular AI chatbots like GPT 3.5 Turb, Anthropics Claude, Meta Llama, Mixtral 8x7 without usage for training. It promises anonymity and no tracked conversations by using the company's IP address. The service is free but has daily limits; more models may be added later as a premium option.

  • Anonymous AI Chat: DuckDuckGo introduces an anonymous AI chatbot platform.
  • Popular Models: Features top-tier models, ensuring high-quality interactions.
  • No Data Usage for Training: Conversations are not used to train AI systems.
  • Potential Expansion: Further developments with custom prompts and user-hosted models anticipated.

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