The Google Gemini App for Android Is Now Available in the Uk and Eu

You can go ahead and grab it from the Play StoreYou can go ahead and grab it from the Play Store. 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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**Summary (under 80 words):** The Google Gemini app for Android, now available in the UK and EU, offers voice-controlled assistance but can't interact with smart home devices. It's set to launch on iOS soon, as a standalone or alongside Google Assistant. Criticism arises from perceived exclusivity concerns among some users. **Bullet Point **

  • Google Gemini App Availability: Now released in the UK and EU, with an upcoming iOS version.
  • Features & Limitations: Provides voice control but lacks smart home integration; users must choose between Google Assistant or Gemini for assistance.
  • User Perceptions: Some users express disappointment over perceived exclusivity and market impact on regular, tech-savvy populations.
  • Future Plans: Gemini is expected to complement Google Assistant across Android versions.

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