The Ftc Has Reportedly Started an Antitrust Probe Of Microsoft's Deal With Inflection Ai

The US Federal Trade Commission has reportedly begun an antitrust probe into Microsoft's recent deal with Inflection AI 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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The FTC may scrutinize the Microsoft-Infraction AI deal for antitrust violations, potentially halting their agreement while investigating. Infraction AI's COO stated they were unaware of this probe and highlighted that Microsoft isn't an investor in the company. The new management is developing business customer products post prior consumer focus.

  • FTC Scrutiny: Potential antitrust investigation on the Microsoft-Infraction AI deal.
  • Awareness: Infraction AI's COO claims ignorance of the FTC probe and clarifies non-investment status by Microsoft.
  • Management Change: The company has shifted towards developing products for business customers, away from its former consumer focus.
  • Company Background: Infraction AI's history of partnerships and product offerings are not detailed within this summary.

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