Nintendo Leak Traced to Google Employee Viewing Private Youtube Video

A recent report reveals that a former Google contractor viewed private videos on Nintendo s YouTube account in 2017 and
Android Authority 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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A Google contractor leaked Nintendo information from their YouTube channel in 2017, which was reviewed but not acted upon by the company. The incident is among several reported privacy and security incidents within Google's history. This method of leakage has persisted according to industry analysts, although some claim alternative sources for leaks.

  • Leaked Content: In 2017, a Google contractor accessed and shared Nintendo content on YouTube.
  • Company Response: The incident was reviewed but deemed non-intentional by Google at the time.
  • Industry Impact: Game leaks have reportedly continued, with some alleging alternate information sourcing.
  • Google's Actions and Stance: No specific measures post-2017 are disclosed, though a commitment to address employee flags was stated.

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