Microsoft's Ai Recall Gets Backlash from Security Experts

Some are calling for Microsoft to recall its Recall feature before it creates a security crisis. data-hid=og:description
CNET 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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Microsoft's Recall feature in Copilot Plus may pose security risks, as one white-hat hacker created a tool to extract sensitive data. Users can disable the feature through settings on Windows 10 or PCs not equipped with it. Security experts criticize its lack of rigorous testing and safeguards against unauthorized access.

  • Microsoft's Recall in Copilot Plus raises security concerns.
  • Users can disable the feature on compatible systems.
  • Security experts criticize its lack of thorough testing and safeguards.
  • Calls for Microsoft to reconsider Recall's implementation due to potential risks.

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