Link Busters Flagged Over 56 Million ‘pirate' Urls to Google in a Week

Anti-piracy company Link-Busters has reported over 56 million pirate URLs to Google in one week; averaging 5,000 links
TorrentFreak 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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Link-Busters, an anti-piracy company, flagged over 56 million URLs to Google in a week, signaling the most substantial volume of takedown requests. This surge follows declining trends and reflects ongoing struggles against online piracy.

  • Record-breaking Takedown Volume: Link-Busters reported an unprecedented 56 million URLs to Google in one week.
  • Focus on Book Publishers**: The company predominantly targets book publisher domains, signaling a shift toward literary piracy enforcement.
  • Google's Processed Links**: Since February, Google processed around 750 million URLs, with nearly half attributed to Link-Busters' reports.

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