Learning to Live With Google's Ai Overviews

This week, we discuss the bumpy first few weeks of Google's AI-powered summaries, and why the new feature is making us
WIRED 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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WIRED reports on technology trends, including Google I/O developments in AI and updates to Android. Coverage includes Big Tech's influence, gadgets, voice search changes, Matter smart home standards, and personal data protection.

  • AI Advancements: Google I/O unveils new AI-driven features impacting future search experiences.
  • Tech Industry Coverage: Lauren Goode explores tech culture's effects on product creation and societal trends.
  • Smart Home Evolution: Matter upgrades hint at future AI-centric smart home ecosystems.
  • Privacy Measures: Techniques for reducing personal data footprint on the web are discussed.


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