Leaked Google Documents Reveal Secrets Behind the World's Biggest Search Engine

Thousands of pages reviewed by experts detail what data Google s Search division collects on websites and users
Quartz 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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Leaked documents from Google's Search division suggest potential misrepresentation of the search algorithm, with thousands reviewed by experts. This raises concerns about data usage in ranking and contradicts public statements on their functioning. Google acknowledged document authenticity but hasnt commented further.

  • Data Collection: Leaked documents reveal how Google collects data from users and websites for Search rankings.
  • Search Algorithm Transparency: There are indications that the information might contradict Googles public statements about its ranking processes.
  • Expert Reaction: SEO experts express concerns over potential deception and misinformation regarding Google's practices.
  • Googles Response: The company acknowledged the documents but did not elaborate further on their contents or implications.


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