Google's Gemini App Finally Debuts in Uk and Eu Markets

Google's AI chatbot app, Gemini is now officially available in the UK and EU markets several months after it launched in
Cryptopolitan 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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The Google Gemini AI chatbot app has launched in the UK and EU, expanding its availability to over 170 countries. The rollout to iOS is pending a few weeks later than Android users. This move follows intense competition among tech giants for dominance in the AI industry while also grappling with issues like perpetuating racial stereotypes.

  • Launch of Gemini: The Google Chrome app's Gemini chatbot has officially debuted in the UK and EU markets.
  • Expansion to iOS users: Rollout for iPhone and iPad users is expected shortly after Android launch, aiming at broader international availability.
  • Competition among tech giants: With other companies like Microsoft releasing similar AI tools (ChatGPT), Google aims to establish its Gemini app's prominence in the industry.
  • Addressing ethical concerns: Amidst the excitement for new AIs, there are ongoing discussions about tackling issues such as racial stereotypes and copyright.

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