Google Leak Exposes Thousands Of Privacy and Security Failures, but It's Not As Bad As It Sounds

A leaked report details six years worth of privacy and security issues that were reported internally by employees.
Android Authority 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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The leaked Google internal database reveals over six years of privacy and security concerns, resolved at the time, with incidents ranging from algorithm errors to third-party vulnerabilities. Despite this, responses have varied in severity ratings.

  • Privacy Concerns: The leak includes a multitude of privacy breaches across Google services and products.
  • Internal Incident Resolution: Each reported incident was resolved promptly during its occurrence.
  • Algorithm Error**: One algorithm unintentionally stored license plate numbers from Street View imagery.
  • Data Security Breaches**: Issues included speech data collection of over 100,000 children and video leaks affecting privacy.

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