Fourth Circuit Says South Carolina Must Answer Google's Subpoena in Antitrust Case

Courthouse News 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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Agee criticized SCPRT for evading Eleventh Amendment immunity by compelling Google to reveal documents, claiming it's unfair given states encouraged such communications.

  • Fundamentally Unfair: Agee criticizes SCPRT for enabling federal subpoenas against tech giants.
  • Eleventh Amendment Challenge: U.S. Circuit Judges join dissent on immunity ruling, emphasizing states' prior approval of information sharing practices.
  • Antitrust Lawsuit Context: SCPRT case emerges amid broader state and DOJ allegations against Google for monopolistic behavior in ad business and anticompetitive agreements with Facebook.
  • Implications on Privacy & Online Advertising: States allege such collusion harms user privacy, compels states to use their software as middlemen with advertisers.

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