Better Late Than Never: Gemini App Finally Arrives in the Uk and Eu

After offering its next-generation assistant in more than 150 markets, Google has officially launched the Gemini app in
Android Authority 1:15 pm on June 10, 2024

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The Google Gemini app is now officially released in the UK and EU after a delayed rollout, allowing users to download directly from the Play Store. While Android devices can immediately use it, iOS adoption will follow through the Google app. Gemini enhances mobile task completion over Assistant but cannot replace it for all users.

  • Release Announcement: UK and EU officially launch of Google Gemini.
  • Download Methods: Android Play Store, iOS through Google app soon.
  • User Adaptation: Can't replace Google Assistant; best for context-sensitive mobile tasks now.
  • Future Outlook: Gemini Extensions to integrate with other platforms expected, like YouTube Music.

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